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Mystery Gift, a means by which players can receive items from other people, was introduced in Pokémon Gold and Silver. In these games and Pokémon Crystal, the player must first activate the feature by speaking to a girl in Goldenrod City. Then, if two players line up the infrared ports on their Game Boy Color units and activate the feature from the intro menu, each will receive an item. Players can use Mystery Gift an unlimited number of times, but only once per day with each person. In addition, a player of Pokémon Stadium 2 with a Gold, Silver, or Crystal cartridge plugged into the Transfer Pak can use Mystery Gift with a girl in White City. A Mystery Gift can also be received by connecting with a Pocket Pikachu 2 GS.

In the first two of the third generation games (Ruby and Sapphire), Mystery Gift is replaced with Mystery Event. This feature utilizes the now defunct e-Reader accessory. Using special e-cards the player could obtain special items such as rare berries or the Eon Ticket. Mystery Event is activated by going into the Petalburg City Pokémon Center, and speaking to the man next to the PC. If the player enters the phrase MYSTERY EVENT IS EXCITING after obtaining at least five Gym Badges, the feature is activated for use. In the second batch of third generation games (FireRed, LeafGreen, and Emerald), Mystery Gift is activated by filling out a questionnaire found in PokéMarts (using the phrase: LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL). Instead of being used to receive items from other players, it is a means to obtain special items at Nintendo's promotional events (through the use of the Wireless Adapter), which allow the player to catch otherwise unobtainable Pokémon, such as Mew and Deoxys.

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl expand Mystery Gift to include a variety of transferring options. After enabling Mystery Gift by speaking to a man in Jubilife City (the player enters: EVERYONE HAPPY & WI-FI CONNECTION to enable Mystery Gift), players may obtain items via wireless or Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, and may also transfer them to friends. Wireless connection also allows the player to transfer items from Pokémon Battle Revolution. Currently, Mystery Gift via NWC has not been implemented.